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Monee' Sanders Biography

Monee' Sanders, Founder and C.E.O of Alopecian Beauty Co, professional background is a diverse traveling Master Cosmetologist and Philanthropist, She was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Monee‘ graciously made the move to Atlanta in 2014, to build a new clientele and fulfill her dreams. With Monee’ being such a scholar in school she end up graduating high school early in 2015, with a 4.0 GPA, and receiving a full ride college scholarship offer! Monee’ already had her business plan, vision board, and clientele (GlammedByMocha) by the age of 17 years old, so she decided to further her entrepreneurial-ship and keep going instead of accepting the college offer. Monee’ immediately attended cosmetology school in 2015 at Paul Mitchell Atlanta, graduating hair school early as well. Attending Paul Mitchell was just Monee’s way to perfecting her hair skills and getting licensed, since she already had a clientele. She also had been making custom wigs since she was 13 years of age in Chicago! With many years of experiencing clients with Alopecia, making wigs and having close family members who suffer from it, She began to grow a sense of need in the community on the cause. “Create Smiles Daily“  is Monee’ slogan because so many women cried and shared stories regarding the hardships of the disease. Then it clicked, Monee’ wanted to start a nonprofit and series of events to help spread awareness about Alopecia! The cause wasn’t talked about hardly nor was any known cure or organization regarding it besides the National Alopecia Areata Foundation! Monee’, Our Founder has a deep passion for those who have Alopecia because it is prevalent within her own family. Monee’ mother and grandmother both suffers from the hair loss disease, One diagnosed with Alopecia Areata the other diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. Monee’ has strive to network with a group of professionals who goals are to show devotion, inspiration, and self-admiration. She serves a platform that gives extreme talent and is detail oriented. The donors and volunteers love to give great service, helping make many of people feel beautiful inside an out. The missions of the organization is to create as many smiles around the world with our custom wigs, educating many on Alopecia, grow our connecting events for the community, and discover a natural plant based cure for the hair loss disease Alopecia. Monee’ desires to expand the theme extravagance fundraising events named “Alopecian Beauty Mixers” in major cities and countries, accumulating millions of supporters for the cause. She also is in the works commuting to Dermatologists that the wigs become medically recognized so insurance companies can cover the cost for suffers in need of rising self esteem, comfortable wigs and being stylish. She really make women, men, and children feel unstoppable. Especially giving ladies that suffer from any hair loss disease that egoism recommended! Monee’s seen traveling back and forth to Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, to make business connections. Monee’ spectacular knowledge with healthy hair care and unfailing growing hands is the reason once a client's in her chair that client is hers forever. Monee' professionalism and enjoyable personality is what makes her clients adore her mostly.  Monee is an Artist that loves to achieve smiles, polished hairstyles, and egoism. She's also pushing to open a Two-level Salon and Spa in Buckhead, a Glam Wig Boutique in Miami, and Organic Blowout Bar in Chicago! 

Her Occupations:


  1. Travel Master Cosmetologist
  2. Philanthropist & Community Advocate
  3. National Certified Phlebotomist
  4. Custom Wig Expert & Creator
  5. Alopecian Beauty Mixer Special Events Planner

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